Friday, October 28, 2011

Understanding Taj Mahal tours in a better light

To think of Indian attractions is to think of Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is visited by numerous Travelers round the year. Taj Mahal, which was a fascination of Shah Jahan, has now manifested the architectural expertise of Mughal Empire or India for that matter. Which other architectural wonder can be an extraordinary specimen of Indian architecture than Taj itself!

Shrouded in many stories and folklores, Taj Mahal beckons the travelers by its sheer pulchritude. Visit it at any point of time and each time it has something unique to offer to your eyeballs. Capture the beauty of Taj by your eyes and restore it in your heart. Spend some quality time in company of your beloved. Even a family trip to Taj is equally enjoyable.

At the backdrop of placid waters of Yamuna River, the Taj hosts many festivals also including Taj Mahotsav that is a great crowd puller. Thousands of tourists visit Taj during tourist festivals organized by the Taj Mahal organizing committee. Taj Mahal tours are thus the hottest pick of travelers.

The travelers have many things to see inside Taj Mahal besides the tomb. Entering through the well trimmed gardens that are ‘Mughal Gardens’ they come across the main tomb. Removing the footwear they enter the complex of Taj. They see huge four minarets of Taj where verses from holy Quran are inscribed.

There is a mosque also which can be visited by the travelers. Wandering in Taj and spending some time in the tranquil ambiance of it is truly soothing.

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