Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Budget Tours Of Northern India

Travelling in budget is a concern of majority of tourists as almost everyone desire to get value for money and prefer to have a control over their spending. However, combining this inherent desire of the tourists, with the actual requirements of a traveller is an art very few travel agents have been able to master, of which Erco Travels is one.

This travel management company specialises in budget tours. In fact what makes them stand out from the rest in the business is the fact that the agents of this company enjoy being challenged by this segment of tourism sector business . For they are of the view, that in a country where hygiene standards differ in perception from that of foreigners, providing them all the facilities within a limited budget requires an in-depth understanding of the sector.

However, they also add that if each little aspect of the business is taken care of specifically then it is always possible to have wonderful budget tours. For example, in the budget tours of North India the two pillars of budget travel are-mode of travel and places selected for boarding and lodging. Rest of the things are almost similar for everyone with similar interest and similar choice of destination like Wildlife, Rajasthan Tours and another places in India . But lot of variety, which is equally luxurious in all aspects, can be offered to the traveller.

“I was a little apprehensive” says Friggo, “when he was offered the choice of travelling by road in the  Golden circuit tour of Delhi ,Jaipur,Agra, Haridwar and Rishikesh . However, all my doubts were cleared the moment I saw the comfortable car that rolled in the porch of the hotel to pick me up. Now I understand that what I got to see and experience in this journey could not have been possible if I would have travelled by air. I could actually feel one with masses, talk to them and eat with them. It was indeed memorable and made me understand the best way of actually knowing the people of the country you are visiting”.

The Erco Travels agents smiled when he heard Friggo speak so gloriously about his budget tours in North India. He added that what this budget tour offers is a chance to feel the pulse of the crowd. Otherwise, it is just that lots and lots of heads and zooming vehicles and cows on roads.You can not feel the humanity behind this chaos for which a budget tour is best.


The second difference these tours have for a normal one is the option of choosing from a variety of accommodations, which we ensure are extremely clean and reputed, yet offer extremely competitive prices just to the reputed travel agents like Erco Travels. “You know we get them so much of business that it is very obvious to get very special rates for our travellers”, said a beaming Erco Travels agent. And, this is what makes our budget tours in Northern India  so very different from others. However, this still doesn’t make us complacent and we are always on our toes and this is what helps us to deliver to the best of our abilities. So budget travellers what are you waiting for!

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