Tuesday, March 22, 2011

North India Wildlife Attractions

Northern India is famous for its roaring tigers, elusive leopards, majestic elephants and spirited herbivores like cheetal, sambhar, bluebulls etc.” with these words the Erco travel agent went on and on about the wildlife glory of the region. He was happy to have rapt attention of the group that he was catering to and the group was excited to hear what was in store for them while they went about exploring these areas of wilderness.

The reaction of the group was not something new for the Erco Travel agent. He was aware that the thrill of enjoying what the areas of Indian wilderness areas offer is unparallel and incomparable. This is primarily because the forests of northern India are open and approachable and teeming with wildlife Tours  . The forests are also not very dense and quite close to major cities so it is easy to go around these destinations and there are also all the more chances to view good wildlife along with plethora of floral species.

Some of the popular National parks of this region are Ranthambore, Corbett Adventure, Wildlife Sanctuaries,Sultanpur and Rajaji to name a few. The most sought after animals in many of these parks is Tiger, followed by Elephant and Leopard and whoever gets a glimpse of all of them, returns back a satisfied tourist.

Erco Travel agent informed the group he was travelling with that contrary to what people normally believed, many of these areas have these majestic animals. But these are indeed (at times) difficult to spot because tourist movement is normally restricted to tourist zone of the park, where there is lot of activity. Animals like Tiger and leopard on the other hand are shy and elusive so it is a little difficult to spot them. This is the reason one needs to make minimum possible noise and keep eyes and ears open for any signs of these animals presence like the bark of cheetal or pugmarks. Erco Travel agent went on to mention that the world of wilderness is different from ours where there are signage, which are easy to understand. The signages of the world of wilderness are restricted to sounds like animals calls, and sights like pug mark, marking of territory etc.

What is most interesting about these attractions of North India Heritage Tour is the fact that these areas are very different from one another.While on one hand Corbett is dense, Rajaji is more open and Ranthambore has an air of nostalgia replete with palaces.

For Bird lovers, all these  National parks are a delight and a haven to watch resident and migratory avian species in their glory. Other interesting aspect is fairly well-developed tourism around these National parks that helps the tourist to enjoy these destinations in a relaxed manner. Many even go to the extent of staying in remote guest houses and locations deep into the forests to get a feel of the life in these terrains and invariably come back blessed with an in-depth insight into the mystic and aura of what these parks offer to us. Any takers?

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